Q: Can we meet to discuss my wedding?
A: I offer all couples a free consultation.

Q: Do I need to do a venue visit?
A: I would only recommend a visit if it’s a venue I haven’t worked with before and you are having floral installations as well as centre pieces. There are many venues in the local area that I am familiar with and already know the measurements for.

Q: Will you deliver and set up my flowers?
A: I will deliver and set up all your wedding flowers and you won’t have to lift a finger.

Q: How early should I book my florist?
A: Summer bookings are always the first to go, so if you have a year lead-in I’d recommend booking your florist as early as possible.

Q: Do you have vessels for hire?
A: I have a number of vessels to choose from that are free to hire. While I do not charge for vases, I do charge for any breakages and for collection the following day. Some larger items, for example my dresser or side tables, are available to hire for a fee.

Q: Where do we meet for consultations?
A: If you are based in and around Bristol I will happily come to you. For couples who live further afield you are welcome to come to me or we can meet for a coffee in the local area.

Q: Are flowers more expensive over winter?
A: While in the UK the summer is considered to be Wedding Season there are dates throughout the year that affect worldwide flower prices. These include but are not exclusive to: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day (UK and international), and even Ladies Day in Russia. Knowing this in advance can help you stay within your budget.

Q: Can I change my mind?
A: Flowers won’t be ordered until the week before the wedding so if you’ve had a change of heart there is time in the run-up to the wedding to re-plan. I can change things up to two weeks before the wedding.

Q: When do you collect vases and from where?
A: I will collect any vessels you have hired from the venue on the following day.

Q: When do I pay?
A: Below you’ll find a breakdown of when payment will be due in the run up to your wedding. This can be adjusted for shorter time frames. £50 date holding fee (to be deducted from final quote) 50% to be paid approx. 6 months before wedding Final amount to be paid 1 month before wedding.